The Visualizer (for LIVESCOPE)

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The Visualizer was created to help fisherman using Livescope see fish on the the bottom that are very hard or impossible to see, to clean up your image at even further distances, and help see and distinguish fish a further distances. It has been test by numerous professionals from guides before release. With that being said this is not MAGIC. Don't be afraid to play with your settings as this is a multiprocess apparatus.  

It will come built into a new gls10 (BLACK BOX power cord) to make it a easy upgrade.

Just swap your cords and plug and play! Must be ran on 11-16 volts

If you use auto gain you may not see the same results as others.

This product is just trying to give fisherman any percentage advantage possible!


!!! this product is polarity sensitive pay attention to the red and black wires.

No warranty on electronic parts. 

Install on circuit with means of disconnect recommended! (Like perko switch, or opening breaker)!

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