Performance Fishing Electronics was created to give customers an experience like never seen before in fishing electronics. Danny Rogers, the founder of PFE, had the desire to build a fishing electronics business that would both inform and give their customers a one-on-one experience like no other. Because of his passion for the sport and determination to design a business that would supply its customers with this experience, Performance Fishing Electronics was created. Danny has spent years as a tournament fisherman for the American Crappie Trail and has long had a passion for fishing. His admiration for the sport continues to grow and he is eager to share his insight and passion for the sport with customers. He and his team are dedicated to seeing you succeed on the water and enjoy fishing as must as they do!

Why choose Performance Fishing Electronics?

  • We offer an array of services customizable to your desire and fishing goals. We are here to help in any way we can to see you reach your goals!
  • We guarantee quality and ensure that all services meet our customers' standards.
  • REACH OUT! We have welcoming customer service ready to assist you.
  • PFE was built because of a genuine love for fishing! Fishing is the best sport in the world in our book. We welcome all fishermen from beginners to professionals. All are welcome and encouraged to explore this remarkable sport!


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