Ionic Lithium 16V 52Ah | Marine Electronics/Sonar LiFePO4 Battery + Charger

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  • Designed for forward-facing sonar technology & dedicated power for sonar units
  • Added voltage & dedicated power provide the clearest image possible on your sonar screen.
  • Includes a dedicated 16V charger for seamless operation
  • Ruggedized metal construction built to endure more
  • Built-in mounting solution for easy installation in the front compartment of your boat, ensuring optimal proximity to the sonar screen/black box
  • Slim design allows for mounting in your rod locker, out of harm’s way, no wire-splicing necessary
  • Highly reliable in diverse & rigorous conditions
  • Maintains a higher voltage for longer durations compared to competitors
  • Silent operation – functions independently & silently
  • Quick connect positive/negative posts with quick-screw wire securing system
  • Industry Best 11-Year Warranty for peace of mind

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